Operating as Jonathan Asher Photography, I’ve been a full time freelance photographer for about 8 years. I specialize in three things:  First, working with small businesses, artists, and skilled craftsmen to show them in the best possible light. This includes color-accurate digital versions of their original artwork for prints or publication. For small businesses, any sort of marketing, social media content, or other promotions become much easier when they have their own library of beautiful images from which they can draw. Also, every one of my Artist or Business Clients gets 100% of the usage rights to their images. No time limit, no catch. Print them anywhere, publish through whomever. The images are yours and I won’t hold them hostage for extra royalties in the future. 

Second, I take pictures that make people feel good about themselves. I like to make portraits of people while they are doing what they love. Maybe it’s gardening, BBQing, or even playing video games, it’s always worth it to have a few really great photos that aren’t just a picture of you, but a picture that tells a story about you.

Third, I really enjoy teaching people my approach to photography. From the absolute basics, to lighting, to enhancing in Lightroom, Photoshop, etc, just a little hands on education can really go a long way towards building these skills. 


You can reach me at [email protected] or give me a call or text at (573) 825-6359. I’m always up for talking about photoshoot ideas, camera recommendations, or just about anything else.